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An Elisheva wig is a work of art created by a master.


Like the artist and sculptor, Elisheva doesn’t manufacture wigs. She creates wigs. She instills a life that breathes beauty, fit and comfort. All the elements of the wig are delicately woven into a creation of harmonious beauty that speaks to the heart of every woman.


Elisheva’s natural inclination was for a career involved with feminine grace, charm and beauty. Raised in Uruguay, she began as a cosmetologist. Over time, she discovered her true artistic passion revolved around hair. But her cosmetology training and experience gave her a keener appreciation and understanding of facial form, skin texture and tone. 


Upon moving to America with her husband she was able to pursue her passion, studying wig making under the guidance of experts. Her instinctive desire for perfection was not satisfied by the superficial manufacturing attention and treatment of wigs. And, like any true artist she had the inner drive to find her own route, forge her own way, and leave her own mark.


For Elisheva it started with an understanding of the very material that is the essence of the wig: the hair. Elisheva diligently pursued deeper knowledge of the elements that define the character, personality and quality of the hair. The human source, the culture and life style, the diet and health, the climate and the environment. Hair starts as a living organism and its DNA is already engraved long before it goes in to a wig. She brings to her wig making a profound appreciation and knowledge of hair that few, if any, wig makers achieve.


What takes the ordinary and turns it into art. Training? Experience? An sensitive eye and feel?  All are necessary components. But it is the very essence of her artistic nature that distinguishes Elisheva. When she takes fresh hair in her hand she can instinctively feel its true, natural quality.  As the wig is being woven and formed she can see the ultimate result, and guide each stage of the weave so that the wig achieves its true perfection.


It is this drive for artistic perfection that has lead Elisheva to break away from the norm in the wig making industry. Wig manufacturing takes place overseas, mostly in China. The wig seller has no control over the process and is subject to the skill and ethics of the wig making factory.


Elisheva manufactures her wigs on the Elisheva Wig Salon premises. Every detail from selection of the hair to the selection of the cap to the final weave undergoes her personal scrutiny.


Every wig represents the heart and soul of Elisheva’s passion for artistic perfection, and her passion to not simply have satisfied clients, but as she says “I want every client who walks out of my salon to be happy”.


Elisheva is recognized by clients and wig makers alike as is the expert’s expert. And, indeed that one reason why her clients flock to her. But there is another equally valuable reason. They know she truly cares about their being happy with her wig. Her authenticity and integrity rings forth with every greeting, every smile, every ‘how are you”?


It is Elisheva’s mastery of the art of wig making, and her dedication to her clients that is the reason why her clients are so dedicated to Elisheva.

Behind Every Elisheva Wig

is Elisheva

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