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The beautiful you will remain the beautiful you. Your hair appearance doesn’t have to change because of alopecia, cancer treatment, or any of the many causes for thinning or hair loss. You can look as beautiful as you always have. You can feel as comfortable as ever in social situations. You can feel as confident as ever in business meetings. And, you can feel as undaunted as ever in the delightful moments of the day.

We know. Because at Elisheva Wig Salon we have been assisting women with alopecia, and other causes of hair loss, overcome the self-image problems that may arise. We understand how important self-image is in nurturing the positive feeling that is vital for health and well-being. How you feel affects your health.

We understand the special needs of those suffering from temporary or permanent hair loss. All discussions are held in complete privacy. Worries and concerns fade as we take the time to answer all your questions with patience and understanding. Our goal is to allay any concern and worries, and to put you completely at ease so you are absolutely comfortable with your final wig decision.

You want your wig to be fashionable, in-style and current. We excel in evaluating the many components that go into selecting the absolutely right wig. Facial features, hair color, curls or straight, short or long, of course, are areas that need to be discussed. But there’s more. It starts with the personal style you have developed over the years and with which you feel most comfortable. Your wig should reflect your style, your taste, your outlook. Your choice of wig should capture your outer beauty, and your inner beauty.

At Elisheva Wig Salon you can be certain the beautiful you will remain the beautiful you.


No matter what the cause of your hair loss is, Elisheva has a beautiful solution:


A Promise from Elisheva Wig Salon

  • All forms of Alopecia

  • Cancer

  • Female Pattern Hair Loss

  • Pregnancy

  • Menopause

  • Thinning Hair

  • Medical Hair Loss

  • Thyroid

  • Men’s Hair Loss

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