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Behind Every Elisheva Wig is Elisheva

An Elisheva wig is a work of art created by a master.

All the elements of the Elisheva wig are delicately woven into a creation of harmonious beauty that speaks to the heart of the sophisticated woman.

An Expert’s Eye.

A Craftsman’s Hands.

An Artist’s Passion


Like the creation of an artist or a sculptor, every  Elisheva wig starts  with an understanding of the very material that is the essence of the wig: the hair. 

The Elisheva Salon is the artist’s studio. Under the, discerning  guidance of Elisheva, each wig is painstakingly designed, formed and shaped until it radiates a striking beauty that is the hallmark of the Elisheva wig. 

The Elisheva wig is for the discerning woman. Confident. Assured in her subtle taste and refined judgment.  It is not in her nature to settle for the ordinary.
For her the Elisheva wig is a true reflection of her spirit. A perfectly harmonious match of individuality and style.

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